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you'll be happy with this. lovely labor day, ample sunshine continues. we'll be warming up into mid-week and cool back down by the end of the week. i don't think we'll have too many complaints here. things are dry right now, i do, in the forecast, by the weekend possibly, there's a chance for a couple showers in the forecast. we'll definitely need rain in the forecast as well. seven days away, will definitely keep you updated on that information. five sweeps are on, as we go into time here, our temperatures, little coolish this morning, hanover coming in around 58 degrees. edgemere, 66. towson at 61 degrees. and then as we go into the forecast for today, right around 69 degrees, when you're waking up and stretching, putting your feet on the floor, lunch time, 79 degrees, mostly sunny skies. that'll continue into enough with my forecast high around 83 degrees. by this evening, we cool off nicely once again. we'll be in the 60s.
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take that for a forecast. back to you guys. >> you might have the day off, but you know, the guy next door has been off for a few months. the woman down the street for a year. it's tough to land a job. heck, it's tough to find a job. sherrie johnson with a closer look at today's job market. >> as many people try to find work and join the workforce, this labor day weekend, secretary of labor hilda solis paid a visit to howard county to address unemployment numbers. nationwide, unemployment numbers are steady at 9.6%. secretary solis says there are more jobs out there. solis thanked firefighters for their work in public safety, preventing job loss and getting people back to work is the secretary's agenda. howard county falls well below the national unemployment number. solis says 90,000 jobs have been created over the past eight months, but congress still needs to be more supportive of small businesses. >> create jobs, tax breaks for
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small businesses, entrepreneurs who actually hire up people. the federal government doesn't hire up people, it's small businesses and those businesses that know that's the engine of growth. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:45, we'll hear from folks who are currently looking for jobs. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abel 2 news. a toddler pulled from an anne arundel county pool has died. the 2-year-old was found in the swimming pool of a pasadena home saturday morning. the family attempted cpr until help arrived. he was taken to baltimore washington medical center where he died. baltimore police are searching for suspects in a shooting that sent a 15-year-old boy to the hospital. it happened near the intersection of fulton and pennsylvania avenue. he's now listed in stable condition at the hospital. authorities are working to identify a body found in south baltimore. the discovery was made in the 2500 block of west patapsco avenue. the body was believed to be of an adult male. there's no word right now on the
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cause of death. three minutes after 6:00 right now: police are searching for four suspects who they say robbed a university of maryland student yesterday morning. according to police, one suspect tackled the victim while the other took his wallet. this robbery follows several similar attacks on students in recent weeks. >> always be aware. walk with someone else. >> police say there have been four attacks since july. several of the students were hurt. no serious injuries were reported. if you're going downtown today, expect a lot of traffic around m&t bank stadium. the crab bowl is on. they're squaring off today at
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4:00. two schools are only about 28 miles apart. they very rarely play one another. the last time they did was about five years ago. baltimore officials and the ravens were trying to get these two teams to play one another every three years or so. four minutes after 6:00 right now. this week we're going to take a look at the challenges some couples face when they're trying to have children and the options that are out there for them. linda sow starts off this week's fertility series on a story of a local couple that went through immense heart ache before welcoming their bundle of joy. >> reporter: life for glen and joey couldn't be brighter until they welcomed twins when everything changed. >> we have somebody to play with now. >> it was a happy, happy, happy
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moment. >> reaching that moment was a long and hard journey. joanne had fertility issues and was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease. it makes it difficult to get pregnant. >> reporter: after consulting with her doctor, joanne went through invitro fertilization. >> i got pregnant immediately with twin girls. >> reporter: there were complications. joanne went into preterm labor. the twins wouldn't make it. >> that was hard, really, really hard. >> reporter: after two more cycles of ivf, joanne finally gave birth to a healthy boy and girl. >> waited almost ten years for this and finally we have it. >> reporter: now their days are filled with double the fun, double the trouble, and twice as much to be thankful for. in annapolis, linda sow, abc 23
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news. and tomorrow we'll take a look at a treatment involving donor eggs and how it's making it possible for couples to become parents. we're counting down the days for the komen's race for the cure. this year the race will be earlier than in year's past. it's september for sunday, october 3rd in hunt valley. abc2 news will be on air to broadcast the event. runs from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. you can head to our website at when you get there, look at the top of the page, click on lifestyle tab and click and scroll to the right. click on think pink. think pink. 6:06. bieber. that's right, bieber. one word says it all. either gives you a big smile or an upset stomach. thousands of frothing at the mouth tweens packed the timonium
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fair ground to get bieber fever. thousands of people packed the fairgrounds to get a shot at lucky tickets. when they got the tickets or bracelets, they were all atwitter and twittering. >> we got here at 6:30. it's definitely worth it. there have been sights and everything. it's been crazy. >> i just love him. he's so cute and i love his music. like he, his song somebody to love is one of my favorite songs. >> we love justin bieber! >> somebody to love, that's your favorite song too, right? >> uh, yeah. >> fans were given wristbands so they'd be allowed in at
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different times. if you haven't guessed, the concert was a complete sell-out. >> what do you call it? detail guys, uh, what do you call them? >> security. >> yeah, security. play the password are in. 55 security people around him. >> probably needed it. >> that's unbelievable. >> teenage girls can be crazy. >> when he's 35. all right: coming up next: you can find a roommate , sell a couch, get tickets to the justin bieber concert all on the same site. >> we're talking about craigslist. now there's one thing you can't do on the website. we'll tell you about it. late at night, watching tv, see the p90x video. it seems like a great deal, but is it? american idol was looking for one judge a few months ago, now they may need to replace three. the latest for the search on
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idol. >>. if you send us a resume with a microsoft word attachment, we call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch. we'll put it on air and online at send us your resume. we'll be right back. good morning, we begin your moneyscope report with president obama looking to boost the economy. the president will ask congress to increase a business research tax credit and make it people's exhibit. corporate tax breaks would end to pay for the ten-year $100 billion plan. the administration is also launching a major mortgage relief program, focuses on reducing the mortgages of homeowners who owe more than their houses are actually worth. mark hurd may join software maker oracle. amid allegations he falsified expense reports and settled a
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sexual harassment case. the american is number one in the box office this weekend. took in $13 million from friday through sunday. that's your moneyscope report, i'm rob nelson.
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we've all fallen for it. deceptive ads that lure you in with big promises and low prices. >> joce sterman has more to help you see through the scam alerts. >> reporter: from infomercials that claim you can earn thousands are home to service companies that advertise a low price only to switch it up,
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we've all let deceptive ads bring us in. >> number one: false promises that sound too good to be true. >> that shouldn't be the primary reason you buy that item. because in the end, you'll be disappointed. >> reporter: many promises for free trials often turn into subscriptions or offers that come with an up front fee. speaking of blind-side, be weary of ad trick number two, the bait and switch. you see a low price advertised but end up paying more. >> reporter: do comparison shopping. if this price is really low compared to all the others, that's a good indicator, you may not get what you expect. >> reporter: ask for an estimate in writing when the service provider walks in. if it's higher than the price they advertise, send them packing. you can throw out many testimonials you see as well. they're deceptive ad trick
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number three. >> we find a testimonial, we cut and paste, put that into the internet and it's amazing. all the other products and websites that pop up using the same testimonial. >> that doesn't count celebrities who's images are often used without their consent. that goes for big brands. companies like mcdonalds and wal-mart have their logo used when they have no ties to what's being sold. >> some things you'll find going to their websites of these companies. people actually post these scams and tell you out right, we're not part of it. >> reporter: if you don't want to be on the losing end of a deceptive ad, do your homework and don't believe the hype. 6:14. the next story, this will have you thinking about taking a dip in the potomac near point lookout state park. >> an eight-foot bull shark was
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taken out of large nets. for the past 30 years, willy dean has spent many days on a boat in southern maryland, but wheeling in a bull shark was a first. >> i was like "oh my gosh, my granddaughter was just swimming there two weeks ago." >> this is one of the four most aggressive sharks on the east coast. >> bull sharks can travel inland. this one turned up about half a mile from shore. hard to believe though, fresh water? i thought that was a myth. >> taking a look at water now. see anything? all right, 6:15. here's weather with lynette charles. >> how do i go on after a picture like that? let me show you these stats right here. i think you'll like these better than the temperature we just showed you.
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our normal this time of year, right around 81 degrees. our low, 60. record low, set back in 1962 was 47 degrees. definitely a chilly one back then. it was a hot one in 1983, coming in at 98 degrees. yes, do you see the 78 we got yesterday. we will definitely take that. perfect temperature. 70 degrees into allatoona. richmond around 83 degrees. that's what i'm forecasting for today, here. roanoke yesterday, 79 degrees. charleston, 76. pittsburgh, 71. a gorgeous day. we had to deal with earl on friday. after, that plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the forecast. you know what? cooler temperatures will be moving back after we warm back up. lows right now, 44 degrees into allatoona. very chilly start to the morning. make sure you have a jacket or some type of sweater. 49 to pittsburgh. 54 roanoke. 61 into philly and new york.
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richmond coming in at 58 degrees. so we're looking at the satellite and radar, you see showers and thunderstorms back off towards the north and west. it looks like they want to move our direction, oh no, it's not going to make its way here. we do have this area of high pressure that's going to block that. we're looking off into the coast here, down the southeastern coast. we have a stalled out front and this is not going to affect us too much. that's definitely good news. you know what else isn't going to affect us? i'll show you the gulf of mexico. we have clouds, showers and thunderstorm. convection, tropical storm hermine as of now. and with that, the winds are sustained at about 40 miles an hour. moving to the north at about 7 miles an hour. what this storm is forecasted to do, take a northwesterly jog as we go into time today, and then the center of this storm could make landfall tomorrow morning. northeast of mexico, the southern tip of texas, the biggest threat with this storm, this tropical storm is going to
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be bringing lots of rain to the area, about four to eight inches and localized areas, definitely even 12 inches of rain. as it comes in contact with land, tropical storms do, hurricanes, they weaken. that will happen and it will move inland. that biggest threat will be for rainfall across the area. our forecast looks good, once again. into today, tomorrow, by wednesday, we see more clouds trying to move into the area. lots of sunshine, the clouds will move in into the afternoon. this'll be courtesy of a dry front that will make its way in. it won't have any type of rain with it. we like to see that. that front will reinforce the cooler air we'll be seeing into thursday and also friday. but for today, that temperature around 83 degrees. mostly sunny, and it's going to be nice outside. don't let it pass you by. temperature mostly clear with a light breeze. by tomorrow, check it out, warmer, still ample sunshine in the forecast. enjoy, back to you, megan.
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6:19 right now. it looks like craigslist has surrendered in that legal battle over erotic ads posted on their website. craigslist adult services, the section on there appears to have been shut down. >> reporter: if you log onto craigslist looking for adult services, this is what you'll find. censored. the infamous section now shut down. craigslist has long-claimed the spot was created only for legitimate adult businesses. it reportedly generated $36 million a year in revenue. but critics carried it a lure for lewd and lascivious behavior, a marketplace for prostitution. >> prostitution isn't a victim of crime, human trafficking results in tragedies to children and others. . >> reporter: a charge bolstered by last year's arrest of 24-year-old phillip markoff. he was accused of killing a
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masseuse who advertised on the site. he was also accused of robbing two other women who used craigslist to pitch their exotic services. craigslist ceo promised more vigilance. >> we're shocked and horrified any time we hear of violent crime or any crime being linked to our site in any way. it causes us to redouble our efforts to get the word out about being safe online. >> reporter: markoff committed suicide in his jail cell awaiting trial in august. recently, 17 state attorneys general filed suit demanding the adult services be shuttered. it's unclear if the section is closed for good or if the word censored that replaced it is meant as a message to critics for a site that offers almost anything, answers appear in short supply. 20 minutes after 6:00: coming up next: he interrupted her acceptance speech last year, but continues to apologize. >> kanye west, his latest
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attempt to get back in taylor swift's good grace. they spent 20 hours treading water, but after a holiday weekend, we're happy to report this story ends well. ñc
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6:24. time to check entertainment news this morning: forget about the auditions, the search for new judges taking center stage for american idol. kara dioguardi is gone, following on the heels of ellen degeneres. paula abdul and simon cowell. the wish list includes justin timberlake, sir elton john, j. lo, she was in then out then back in again. and aerosmith's steven tyler. so callbacks begin in the next couple weeks. it's crunch time so stay tuned. kanye west and taylor swift
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meet at the mtv awards this sunday. he wrote a song for her and he says if she won't take it, he'll perform it for her. he's still offering up "i'm sorries" for last year's awards. >> i can't believe they're sitting here talking aerosmith. >> c'mon down. >> here we go. it's jay conroy's 100th aerosmith concert. his co-workers decided to give him this surprise. he went to his first concert in 1976 and says he paid $5.50 for the ticket. apparently he thinks this gives him the right to tell the band what to play. aerosmith has been playing together for four decades now, selling more than 150 million albums, they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2001. >> that'll be you with bruce
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springstein. >> 100? >> yeah, maybe the eagles. >> i said, listen, it's genesis i. said no it's casey aerosmith. there's one thing we can all agree on about this flight attendant, he's not a flight attendant anymore. how jet blue and steven slater have parted ways. she's 105 pounds, but man can this girl eat. just how many chicken wings did she eat to win the title? hmm, do i wear hats?
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i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things likeling in rcchirping) ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪
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president obama spent labor day weekend at camp david with labor on his mind. the president promises to do better when it comes to the economy. maryland and navy kick off the college football season at m&t bank stadium. big crowd and lots of traffic. >> big crowd, lots of traffic for justin bieber. that concert was this weekend. this may be the biggest concert ever held in timonium. justin bieber sold out at madison square garden as wel

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